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ONE LUXE STUDIO Presentation

Welcome to One Luxe Studio, your trusted partner for drone video production and photography of prestigious properties (villas, apartments, estates, Proven├žal Mas, etc.). We have been operating for over a year along the entire French Riviera, working with property owners who are either selling or not selling their properties.

Our luxury real estate advertising platform, One Luxe Immo, was created to meet the regular and evolving demands of property owners, as well as professionals in the industry. Sell your property(s) on www.oneluxeimmo.com (Exclusive listing, either for individual owners or professionals, more info here).

ONE LUXE STUDIO specializes in creating stunning and captivating images that showcase high-end real estate properties. With our expertise and the use of cutting-edge technologies, we offer video production and photography services of the highest quality, meeting the expectations of even the most demanding clients.

Our experienced drone pilots capture spectacular aerial shots, providing a unique perspective and highlighting the distinctive features of each property. Whether it’s beachfront villas, elegant lofts, or luxurious city-center apartments, our images will transport you into the heart of the exclusive living experience offered by these exceptional locations.

We understand the importance of presenting luxury real estate properties in a professional and appealing manner. That’s why our team of talented photographers masters the art of capturing every detail and the unique ambience of each space, creating images that evoke emotion and desire in viewers.

At One Luxe Studio, we are dedicated to providing personalized and tailor-made service to our clients. We work closely with property owners, specialized real estate agencies, and marketing professionals to understand their goals and create visual content that exceeds their expectations.

Whether you are a real estate professional looking for exceptional visuals for your portfolio of luxury properties, or a property owner wanting to showcase your exceptional property, One Luxe Studio is here to bring your vision to life and help you achieve your goals. Order your MEDIA ADVERTISEMENT PACKAGE now and sell your property on www.oneluxeimmo.com.

Once the video production is completed, we provide it to our clients digitally, so they can keep a unique memory of their property. Our clients can also share the video with their family, friends, and/or clients, allowing them to experience their property in an immersive and inspiring way.

Trust One Luxe Studio to create images that enhance your property and appeal to enthusiasts of excellence and refinement. It is important to note that choosing a company specialized in the use of drones for luxury real estate is crucial. ONE LUXE STUDIO has a perfect understanding of the rules and regulations regarding drones to ensure that flights are conducted legally and safely.

Contact us today to discuss your needs for drone video production and luxury real estate photography. Visit www.oneluxeimmo.com.

Upon receiving your inquiry, we will contact you to schedule a production appointment (allow 1 day).